Thank you for looking at our home on the internet.  Here you can find a little out about the club, what we do, what we've done in the past, and what we hope to do in the future.  As with the whole site at the moment, this section is currently under construction, so please check back regularly for updates.


About us


We are a small, but growing club based in Swanwick, Derbyshire.  We are affiliated with the G.N.A.S. and through G.N.A.S. to F.I.T.A.   We have a growing membership, and whilst we cannot sport a 'cast of thousands', the members we have are all regular shooters, who carry a wealth of knowledge ranging from primitive bowmanship, to the latest in high-tech compound archery developments.  It is fair to say that most of our members' primarary interests lie with the shooting of modern Recurve bows, but that's not to say you won't see one of them shooting a bent stick from time to time!

The club is primarily a Target archery club, but we have the facilities to operate a clout, and there are even plans afoot to lay out a small, mobile, field shoot.  That's without mentioning the fun shoots from time to time - who can forget the halloween pumpkin massacre of 2007?  The only thing we'd be struggling to put on is a Poppinjay, but one day we'll find a telegraph pole lying around that nobody wants... 

We shoot (weather permitting... and frankly very little puts us hardy souls off) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 6.00pm until dark, and on a Sunday from 10.30am until we finish whatever we've set out to do.  During the winter months we generally continue to shoot on Sundays as normal, but shoot indoor on a Monday.  The date we move indoors is to be confirmed at the next committee meeting.